I’ve made a few changes to this blog’s theme over the last few weeks, and I thought it would be nice to summarise them in a post.

Here’s what has changed:

  • Add support for (sidenote: You can see this in action here.)
  • Remove the link to the (sidenote: I doubt anyone was using this, and it’s obsolete with a link to edit on GitHub.)
  • Increase font size everywhere
  • Use Newsreader for body text
  • Use Libre Franklin as the functional text
  • Use Berkeley Mono for code
  • Post metadata (date, tags, etc) now uses functional font
  • Increase line-height and decrease site width
  • Add an “Edit on GitHub” link to each post
  • Add Creative Commons license

I was inspired to make typography changes after reading Kev’s post: What’s In A Font? Website Typography Best Practices.