I recently installed Tailscale on my Umbrel node, so I can access it remotely without going via Tor, because Tor is so slow. It’s one of the few services I’ve used that I can say just works. They also have a reasonable hobby tier.

Tailscale and Umbrel

  1. Sign up to Tailscale
  2. Install Tailscale on your Umbrel node, following the Linux instructions, and on your phone.
  3. Once set up, you can go about using various Umbrel apps remotely, replacing umbrel.local in your connection strings with the Tailscale IP for your node (e.g. 100.123.300.4).

I’ve tried this out with BlueWallet, FullyNoded, and Zap, with (sidenote: Although @satsophone has pointed out that Zap is effectively abandonware now that Strike is available.)

Let me know if you run into any issues, and I’ll help out where I can.

If you’re interested in reading more about Tailscale, checkout How I use tailscale by Stanislas.