Surprisingly, I spend a lot of money on subscriptions every year. Unsurprisingly, I haven’t tallied how much I actually spend, partly because I’m a little lazy and partly because I’m scared of finding out exactly how much I spend.. So here it is.

Monthly Expenditures

Google Play Music & YouTube Red

I pay $5.99 AUD per month for Google Play Music, now inclusive of YouTube Red, as I paid for several months in advance when they went on sale quite recently (as of 28/05/2016), but I’ll be going back to $9.99 AUD a month in August.

While I can’t say I listen to a lot of music, it’s nice to be able to listen to pretty much anything thing I want whenever I want, and it’s definitely worth the cost. I’ve tried a few other streaming services but have always ended up coming back to GPM because 1) it has all of my music already and 2) I can upload any music that isn’t already there, something that many, if not all, other streaming services lack.

Apple Music

I’m transitioning to Apple Music, still on their 3 month trial, but will end up paying $5.99 thanks to their student discount. I’m still not sure that I’ll be going through with the switch from Google Music, it really depends on the upcoming changes announced at WWDC.

Digital Ocean

I pay $10.00 USD per month for two DigitalOcean droplets, running around 10 fairly small websites. It’s cheap, and I like the freedom of taking snapshots and backups, and all that good stuff that comes with DigitalOcean. In fact, this blog is hosted on one of the servers.

While $10.00 USD isn’t particularly much for servers, it does add up, and I’ve been planning to migrate from DO to some Docker containers running on my server (next in this list).

I pay €15.99 EUR for a fairly beefy server which I currently use to host a number of Docker containers, including a GitLab CE instance, a number of GitLab CI runners and an rtorrent/rutorrent instance.

This server was my first foray into the world of Docker, and I’m hoping to dockerize most of my stuff and move it there.


Most people have phone plans. I’m one of those people. I pay $39.90 AUD per month for 7 GB of data, unlimited calls and texts, and some access to international call/text subject to higher rates (which I don’t use).

I find I rarely use up more than 5 GB each month, but it’s nice knowing I have the extra data just in case.


I currently have a subscription, which I’m paying $11.99 AUD per month for, but I’m planning to cancel because I don’t find myself using it that often (blasphemous, I know!).


I thoroughly enjoy anime, and I find that I keep coming back for more each season. Animelab is the easiest way for me to watch them, is super fast and has an amazing user interface and keeps up to date with simulcasts. This runs me a neat $6.99 AUD per month.

Coffee ☕

I’m not exactly sure how much I spend on coffee each month, but if I had to guess I’d say around $15.00 AUD, which is quite a bit. I tend to enjoy coffees in the morning, and make them myself most of the time.


I tend not to keep track of apps, but if it’s less than a coffee ($4.00 AUD) and it offers something unique and worthwhile, I normally end up buying it.
Thankfully, if I do ever regret a purchase, I can get a full refund.


I pay a tiny amount each month for the privilege of reading Matt Gemmell’s weekly newsletters. I’d say it’s worth it, I find his reading style quite captivating.

Amazon Web Services

I use Amazon S3 to store screenshots and various other files, and Glacier to store my Arq backups.

I’m also experimenting with an EC2 instance at the moment, which runs an API server I’m working on.

Thanks to Amazon’s free tier and some free credit I received, this doesn’t cost me anything.

Yearly Expenditures

Domain Names

I own 7 domains at the moment, only some of which are mine. My personal domains run me around $94.00 AUD a year. A lot of these are impulse purchases (which is okay), with ideas behind them, or are on sale. Of course, I don’t follow through with a lot of these ideas, so I don’t renew many of them.

SSL Certificates

Now free thanks to Let’s Encrypt!

Total Expenditure

Big numbers are scary, so I’m not going to add everything up.