Last month I was lucky enough to hop on a call with Oliver Schöndorfer. He runs the Pimp My Type blog and YouTube channel.

I have been following Oliver’s channel for awhile, and tweaking this blog based on his tips and tricks. If you’re interested in learning more about typography, I recommend checking it out.

Oliver runs live sessions analysing the typography of his audience’s websites, and I’d previously submitted this blog (the one you’re on right now!). Oliver reached out to me asking if I wanted to catch up for a live session to go through my questions, and for tailored tips to improve the typography/design of this blog, and I (sidenote: Seriously, I was so stoked! Oliver, if you’re reading this, thanks again for all the great tips!) at the opportunity.

The video is now up on YouTube and there’s a great summary of our conversation on Pimp My Type.