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I bought a Magic Keyboard for my 11” iPad Pro yesterday. It arrived today.

The travel on the switches is great, and the keyboard itself feels nice to type on.

I was worried about the size, but it feels right. Sure, it’s on the smaller side, but the keys don’t feel squished together as a result, despite the sacrifices made to reduce size, like the return and enter keys being half the width they normally are.

I never thought I’d need, let alone want, a trackpad on an iPad, but now that it’s there, it feels like it always has been. I almost can’t see myself using it productively without one1. I think this is partly because you get a similar set of trackpad gestures that duplicate the screen gestures. For example, you can switch from app to app with four fingers on the trackpad, as you would do via the screen. The keyboard doesn’t detract from the experience, and doesn’t hinder it.

Do you have thoughts on iPads, and accessories? Let me know.

  1. Media consumption on an iPad is fine without a keyboard, but writing a blog post is not. ↩︎