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I wrote this post in GitHub Codespaces, which looks like Visual Studio Code but in the browser (it even supports Vim mode!).

You can set up a new Codespace by logging into GitHub and navigating here, then creating a new codespace for your repository.

In my case, I chose my blog repository: hugomd/blog. GitHub spun up a new codespace for me, with hugo version 0.76.3, which is pretty new. It also includes docker and other helpful tools by default.

Once you start running hugo serve, you will be prompted to forward port 1313 (the default hugo port). Unfortunately, this means that when you load up your blog, it will load without any resources, because all requests will be routed to localhost:1313 by default, rather than to the codespace.

Thankfully, there’s an easy fix to this:

hugo serve --baseUrl=/ --appendPort=false 

The above command overrides the baseUrl from config.toml, which is in my config. The last part is key, it avoids appending the port, 1313 to the baseUrl.

Now you can browse to the link (* that was forwarded, and your hugo blog should load up with all its resources!