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I’ve disabled comments, again.

I was using Disqus comments, but removed them due to privacy concerns and to decrease load time, as Disqus was pulling in a lot of third party dependencies (see: Disqus, the dark commenting system).

Then I switched to web mentions, using as the source for them.

I didn’t end up using much, so it wasn’t worth the $5 a month I was paying for it. That’s not to say it’s not a great platform, it just doesn’t work for me personally.

Since then, I’ve seen some great improvements to web mentions, pulling them from sources like Mastodon or Twitter. Horst Gutmann has a great post on supporting comments via Mastodon, and maintains webmentiond. If I were to set up web mentions again, I’d likely self-host webmentiond myself.

If you do happen to want to comment on one of my posts, feel free to open an issue, or to contact me directly.