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I’ve known about custom shortcodes in Hugo for awhile, but I’ve never had the need to use them.

Now that I’m taking part in 100DaysToOffload, it makes sense to create one, because it makes it less cumbersome to write posts. I only have to make changes to one file to update copy across all of my related posts.

The implementation is concise, you create a new HTML file in layouts/shortcodes, for example:

This is post number {{ $.Page.Params.sequence }} in my [100 Days To Offload]( challenge.
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Then you can refer to the shortcode in your posts using the filename excluding the extension:

{{% 100daystooffload %}}

The reference to $.Page.Params.sequence is replaced with the sequence variable defined in the frontmatter for the post. For each new post I write, I manually set the sequence accordingly. This post, for instance, is number 4.