Bréf: where I try to explain something briefly.

This weekend (9 to 11 Dec.), I competed in the Telstra Cloud Hackathon, in a team with three friends (Gabriel, Terence, and Daniel).

We built Jift, a product recommendation engine that uses your friends’ Facebook likes to recommend products, along with a (unbuilt) Secret Santa component.

Our hack used ReactJS on the frontend, with some very messy data-binding (courtesy of yours truly, but it’s a hack! 😳), HapiJS and PostgreSQL on the backend, along with Google’s Prediction API to map people’s interests (via Facebook likes) to products (via Ebay).

We finished the hack with a beautiful and working frontend, but ran out of time to train Google’s Prediction API.

I had an amazing time, surrounded by great friends and hackers. Thanks everyone – I’ll be back next year!